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Keep up to date with CPG

CPG’s latest client super performance September 2018

Growth Active

With approximately 70% growth, the Growth Active Option suits the younger, longer-term investor seeking to outperform passive investments over a 7-year investors. Its 12-month return of 11.21%

Balanced Active

At around 50% growth, the Balanced Active Option is designed for the more risk-averse client seeking performance from active management rather than by taking more market risk.  Its 12-month return of 8.38%

Conservative Active

Targeting 30% growth, the Conservative Active Option is much more defensive than the Capital Stable survey mentioned above. Its 12-month return of 5.74%.

CPG’s local government investor allocation to Intermediate and Growth Assets has boosted their performance over the longer-term, as demonstrated in the following table:


Performance as at 30/08/2018

CPG’s local Government Council holds one of the highest yielding deposit portfolios amongst NSW council investors today. As at 30/09/2018, their weighted average deposit portfolio was yielding an exceptional 3.40% p.a., with an average duration of ~1.3 years.

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