CPG Research & Advisory


Leading research and advisory for wholesale clients

CPG has in excess of 50 wholesale clients in Australia and overseas, including Risk Averse Investors, Wholesale Institutional Investors, Dealer Groups, Fund Managers, Family Offices, Local Government and High net worth investors who meet the “wholesale investor” test.


Local Government

Established in 1991, CPG has been providing investment advisory services to local government authorities since that time. CPG provides asset advisory services to approximately $3 billion for public sector direct investors. 

Along with other legislatively-constrained client sectors (e.g. health insurance), CPG has a deep and practical understanding of the local government legislation provisions that pertain to investment across various State jurisdictions.

This makes CPG by far the leading investment advisor in the Local Government sector, as well as to Australian fixed interest investors generally.

Additionally, CPG has long been at the forefront of the industry in creating “thought leadership”. Some examples of this are:

  • CPG has been a significant contributor to the NSW LGMA Finance Professionals Best Practice Investment Guide, providing input in relation to matters including Investment Policy, Investment Strategy, fund and CDO evaluation.

  • The WA Guidelines of 2008 extensively replicate our (then current) materials.

  • As a result CPG is the only adviser that has been requested to present at industry forums on Investment Best Practice to such groups as the QLD Local Government Accountants Association and the Charles Sturt University/NSW Local Government Finance Professionals Intensive Study Course.

  • CPG was exclusively invited to present to the Finpro conference for the Mid Coast region, as well as a number of events arranged by the LGAA.

  • CPG made the decision to issue publicly, in-house research in April 2007, warning of the dangers of the subprime CDO’s which were being marketed at the time. Many of our clients with “carve-out” Lehman Bros accounts returned ‘Federation’ and it would have been equally applicable to the subprime-exposed ‘Paladin’ CDO of CBA, as well as a range of Oakvale products. Our clients avoided all sub-prime products.

  • CPG was appointed the independent expert in 2008 by a joint venture of the NSW Department and LGAA to examine valuation and reporting issues for structured products. We identified serious issues amongst many councils and distributors, ultimately highlighting systematic deception of one distributor about CDO valuations.

  • Our independent expert work is well known to clients of Lehman Bros and Oakvale Capital entities, and has been instrumental in significant recoveries.


Dealer Groups

CPG provides dealer group consulting services that require specific requirements.

Our dealer group service is flexible and can be tailored to meet the dealer group needs. CPG’s provides great value to dealer groups in areas such as:

  • Quantitative analysis and research of your dealer groups APLs

  • Model Portfolios tailored to the dealer group needs

  • Participating with the investment committee

  • Alternatives - hedge funds, long short funds

  • Specialised / high alpha boutique and alternative managers

  • Portfolio construction, asset allocation and optimisation advice

  • Hybrids, structured and direct fixed interest advice

  • CPG provides expert input where required to help dealer groups refine their position on these issues.


Family Offices

Proven expert input to help Family's create and preserve their wealth.

CPG provides investment advisory services to family offices that require:

  • Ways to diversify, secure and maintain family wealth.

  • Constructing, implementing and on-going monitoring of an investment portfolio.

  • Support in fund manager selection and portfolio construction.

  • Extensive, global research function covering Alternatives as well as the mainstream asset classes.

  • Expanded access to investment and business opportunities

  • Achieving performance targets and minimising costs.

Acting in the best interest of your family

CPG spends time to understand the families:

  • Investment timeframes / liquidity needs

  • Security of capital requirements

  • Income requirements

  • Range of allowable investment types

  • Ensuring confidentiality for the family

Investment teams working closely with the Family office

  • The CPG consulting team consists of industry qualified consultants with an extensive background in managed funds research and/or portfolio management and asset consulting.

  • Our primary focus is on the provision of a quality service, and our consulting model is based on our consultants working closely with each of our clients.


Superannuation Funds

CPG provides investment advisory services to Superannuation Funds that require:

  • The strength of partnership

  • Non-aligned and Independent

  • Premium / “Best of Breed” service provider selection

  • Administration/ Performance reporting and analysis

  • Impartial research-backed investment selection, monitoring and review

  • A focus on investment outperformance (high alpha)

  • Asset allocation and risk determination

  • Investment manager research and selection

  • Performance, process and people monitoring

  • When required, termination and replacement

  • CPG backs its judgment and research by identifying performance objectives with its clients

CPG has considerable research capacity. We review over 300 managers per annum. CPG have the luxury of independently assessing the skills and capacity of managers to add value for our clients through:

  • Access to higher returning asset sectors

  • Reduced implementation leakage

  • Lower risk due to broad diversification, ie, investing in private equity, emerging markets, non-index country allocations etc.

  • Actively reacting and adjusting allocations, promptly, to market cyclical changes

  • Reduced trustee and management time on investment issues

Synergies through unbundling of service:

  • Asset consulting

  • Investment management

  • Transition and Implementation

  • Reduced trustee and management time on investment issues

  • Economies of scale