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Jan 8th, 2009: Despite winning the election 365 Electoral College nominees to 173, apparent President-elect Barack H. Obama (D) has been sensationally defeated after an unprecedented 300 “faithless electors” from both sides flipped to elect an independent “technocrat,” former IMF Chief Economist Olivier Blanchard. 

Having presided over the Electoral College as the sitting Vice President, VP McCain (R) issued a brief statement: 

“We have spoken to a number of foreign and domestic investors, and they were apprehensive about the potential Obama Administration – particularly in relation to his foreign policies. As presiding officer of the Electoral College, I am responsible for ensuring stability and the protection of the Constitution. I have been alarmed by the financial market reaction to the November election.” 

President-elect Blanchard has nominated a transition team selected from the UN, Goldman Sachs and the IMF. Senator Obama called for widespread protests… 

This scenario is very nearly the actual crisis in which Italy found itself in May! 

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