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Keep up to date with CPG

Mohamed Hage, CPG’s Head of Research presents at the Private Wealth Management APAC Summit. 

The Private Wealth Management APAC Summit is a premium forum bringing elite buyers and sellers together. As an invitation-only event taking place behind closed doors, the summit offers regional SFOs, MFOs, wealth advisors, and international fund managers and consultants an intimate environment for a focused discussion on the key drivers shaping wealth preservation and robust investment strategy.

Cushioning the Portfolio during Volatile Times: An In-Depth Outlook

Mohamed Hage, Head of Research, CPG Advisory

Private investors must stay vigilant despite fading memories of the 2008 economical crisis, ongoing monetary policy divergence, continuing US inflation and geopolitical influences. Awareness and adequate preparation is crucial for the next economic crisis. Mohamed Hage will share his expert insights on eliminating complacency and cushioning volatility based on the nature of an investment portfolio:

  • Reflecting on the key lessons from the Global Financial Crisis 

  • Exploring the idea of reducing volatility, instead of the impossibility of eliminating

  • Zooming in on diversification such as active management and alternative investments and moving away from dependency on traditional asset classes